Summer Parker Writes

Summer Parker Writes

Summer is a professional writer based in Washington State. She has experience in multiple facets of the writing space, including but not limited to copywriting, blog posts, editorials, and creative pieces. Summer is open to both freelance and full-time work. She is especially interested in opportunities within the gaming, bookish, and creative spaces but is willing to apply her expertise anywhere it is needed. For a better look at her work, please head to her portfolio.

About Summer

When she is not writing, Summer can be found playing games with friends, reading a good book, or taking her dog to the beach. Like most readers, she has fallen deep into the world of book collecting and is always on the hunt for a well-loved classic or special edition to add to her already overflowing shelves. She enjoys meeting new people as often as possible and finding ways to brighten the lives of those around her. Currently, she is working on her debut novel, a fantasy piece regarding the origins of pirates, with hopes of it hitting shelves near you soon! She spent many years writing recreationally before attending Washington State University in pursuit of a degree in English and Communications to further hone her skills. After receiving a job offer too good to pass up, she left WSU and started her professional writing career. She currently resides in Edmonds, Washington but is looking forward to moving to the East Coast in the near future.

Favorite Reads

The Sirens of Titan / A Series of Unfortunate Events / The Catcher in the Rye / The Long Walk / Fight Club

Hobbies / Interests

Video Games / Reading / Crocheting / Visiting Local Beaches